Q&A for the ⛑️ LPT Migration (PancakeSwap)

Hi, #Helmeters ⛑️

Are you guys ready for PancakeSwap V2, beginning with a “journey” of sorts… ✨a migration✨.

As a cute partner of PancakeSwap, Helmet.insure team is totally supportive for this great migration !!!! Then, we are going to get a little change to match the pretty V2 and sweeten the mining process forward!!!

Let’s get clear of some questions that you might encounter. We will be thrilled if this article could help you!!!

Will I lose my LP tokens?

❎ No, you will not.

Will I lose my pending rewards?

No, you won’t lose any yield or other rewards that you have already earned. Helmet team would KEEP the $Helmet rewards of the V1 LP (HELMET-BNB Pool until the V2 LPT Pool land successfully.

Will this Migration affect the ongoing IIO?


The triple rewards ($CAKE & $HELMET & iTOKEN) would be changed to dual rewards for 8h.

The migration of PSC LPT will start on Friday 23rd April at 5AM UTC, while our IIO will finish on Friday 23rd April at 1PM UTC, meaning that there would be 8 hours during when you would get dual-rewards of $HELMET & iTOKEN.

⚠️ If you migrate your HELMET-BNB LPT at that time, your iTOKEN Mining would stop correspondingly. However, do not fret, we will adjust the IIO sys to make sure our next IIO campaign could base on V2 PancakeSwap LPT.

As soon as the IIO finished, you could spring into action and start your great LPT Migration.

When will the Rewards of V1 HELMET-BNB LPT Pool End

While the V2 HELMET-BNB LPT Pool get set SAFU.

When could I get Dual Rewards of $CAKE & $HELMET in V2 LP Pool ? 🍰 ⛑️

Helmet team would build the V2 HELMET-BNB LPT Pool and provide dual rewards ASAP after the PSC Migration (The migration of PSC LPT will start on Friday 23rd April at 5AM UTC)

✨ Please bear with us some days to rebuild the smart contract of dual-reward mining and make sure everything is SAFU for our Helmeters!!! ⛑️⛑️⛑️

Why should I migrate?

The migration means that PancakeSwap will stop giving out CAKE rewards to the old farms, and start giving them to the new ones.

That means there’ll be super high APRs for a little while after the migration, because it’s essentially going to start as a fresh new yield farm all over again!

But if you stay in the old ones, you won’t earn any of that delicious CAKE

What do I need to do?

YOU need to Migrate your LPT by yourself

If you are currently in possession of PancakeSwap LP Tokens, whether they’re staked in farms, vaults, or simply in your wallet, you’ll need to:

Unstake your LP tokens from old farms

Remove liquidity from old type of LP

Add liquidity to the new type of LP

Restake them in the targeted pool

Four simple steps. PancakeSwap prepared a dedicated migration page ready to go that will help you speed through it in just a few clicks.

If you don’t have any LPs staked, well, then you don’t need to do anything at all!

How would the V1 , V2 Pools show on helmet.insure?

It would show like this: you could stay in the V1 Pool to mine your HELMET & iTOKEN Reward, or Migrate your LPT to V2 Pool after the PancakeSwap start the Migrating journey.

Help centre

Feel free to contact Red Princess if you encounter any questions.

Telegram FAM: https://t.me/helmet_insure

Red: @Helmet_Red

Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.

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