Let’s @Meter the DeFi world with @Helmet!!!

Hi, Helmeters!!! 🤠🤠👏

Here we GOOO ➡️ Another Surprise Mining Campaign with our classy partner: Meter.io !!!!!

🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙 🧡💙

Who are they?

Meter passport will enable free flow of assets across Meter, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The infrastructure will be available to all crypto users looking to transfer assets and liquidity across blockchains. Ampleforth joined Meter Passport Program to not only transfer Ampleforth (AMPL) tokens across blockchains but also use inter-blockchain smart contract calls to control the token rebasing and the total circulation on all blockchains through the master smart contract on Ethereum.

🎉 Mining Rewards: $MTRG & $HELMET

Steps of this Campaign:

🎉 Secondly, take part in the campaign of $Dual Mining Bonus of $MTRG & $Helmet ⛑️ 🎁 BOOM!!!

What is $hMTRG?

It is $MTRG cover miss out policy (CALL Option of $MTRG). The reasonable activate price: 1 $MTRG=4.7 BUSD.

For example, if $MTRG hit 6 BUSD before expiration date, you could swap 4.7BUSD+1 $hMTRG to 1 $MTRG, and get net 1.3 BUSD profit.

Total supply: 8333

Expire date: July 22nd 24:00 SGT

Helmet team took Helmet as premium for supporting $hMTRG policy creating.

⚠️ Do not trade heavily on $hMTRG, b/c if $MTRG fail to hit 4.7 BUSD, $hMTRG would just be used as short-term mining shovel and a souvenir token.

STEP 1: How to get $hMTRG?

🤩 FLASH Mining on Helmet

$SHIBh-$HELMET LPT Mining (Link

⏰ START Time: June 23rd 24:00 SGT

Mining Period: 7 days

⚠️ Notice the impermanent loss when you farm $hMTRG

STEP 2: How to GET 2 Mining Rewards?🎁

🤠 $hMTRG — $Helmet LP Mining ( LINK )

Rewards: $10,000 $MTRG & $10,000 $HELMET;

Start: June 24th 24:00 SGT

Mining Period: 9 days

⚠️ PLZ NOTICE the impermanent loss of LP Mining.

⚠️ Do not trade heavily on $hMTRG or $SHIBh.

THANKS for your continue support!!! RESPECT ⛑️ ⛑️ ⛑️

Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.