Let’s gain colorful Mining Rewards!!! $MCRN+$HELMET 🍬🍬🍬

2 min readJul 29, 2021

Hi, Helmeters!!! 🤠🤠👏

Here we GOOO ➡️ Another Surprise Mining Campaign with our classy partner: MacaronSwap!!!!

🎉 Mining Rewards: $MCRN & $HELMET

It might take some time to digest the Mining Campaign, however, the rewards totally worth it. Let’s START!!!

Steps of this Campaign:

🎉Firstly, get $hMCRN

🎉 Secondly, take part in the campaign of Dual Mining Bonus of $MCRN & $Helmet ⛑️ !!!

What is $hMCRN?

It is $bMCRN cover miss out policy (CALL Option of $bMCRN). The reasonable activate price: $MCRN=7 BUSD.

For example, if $MCRN hit 10 BUSD before expiration date, you could swap 7 BUSD+1 $hMCRN to 1 $MCRN, and get net 3BUSD profit.

Total supply: 2900

Expire date: August 30th 24:00 SGT

Helmet team took 2900 Helmet as premium for supporting $hMCRN policy creating.

⚠️ Do not trade heavily on $hMCRN, b/c if $MCRN fail to hit 7 BUSD, $hMCRN would just be used as short-term mining shovel and a souvenir token.

STEP 1: How to get $hMCRN?

🤩 Burning BOX

Fuel: $SHIBh

⏰ START: July 30th 24:00 SGT

Burning Period: 5 days

STEP 2: How to GET 2 Mining Rewards?🎁

🤠 $hMCRN — $Helmet LP Mining ( LINK )

Rewards: $10,000 $MCRN & $10,000 $HELMET ⛑

Start: Aug. 1st 24:00 SGT

Mining Period: 14 days

⚠️ PLZ NOTICE the impermanent loss of LP Mining.

⚠️ Do not trade heavily on $hMCRN or $SHIBh.

THANKS for your continue support!!! RESPECT ⛑️ ⛑️ ⛑️




Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.