Helmet Progress Update (March 2nd)

Hello, Helmeters :)

Great works are performed not by strength, but by preserverance. we believe that no matter how dramatic the end result, the good-to-great transformations never happened in one fell swoop. So, JOIN US and LET IT RIP!!!

The last month means a lot to Helmet.insure. From the very beginning to this firm stage, we took a leap of faith in our product update and witnessed $11,993,900 worth of Denominated Asset pledged in Helmet insurance smart contracts.

We built the deep cooperation with Certik, Pancakeswap, Burgerswap, Autofarm, BerryData and Fortube on BSC by the insurance policy mining ( this article from TrustwWallet could help you know how the helmet policy works). PLUS, we will welcome more great partners’ joining in the following weeks.

Additionally, delicate product design of Helmet (especially the call option wrapping of our cover miss out policy) has benefit our users who gave us the honorary title — BSC Oracle. We have gained more notice in Defi world, getting 13k twitter fam and 5400 family members in our community.

Such valid progress and huge users’ support made Helmet become one of the most heated protocols on BSC. Correspondingly, we have got more attention from investment institutions. We will public these information in the near future.

Here are the details of our proven traction:

Product development:

  1. FLASH MINING tab, helmeters could get policies by mining in corresponding pools;
  2. Launched 3 new policy categories: wBNB, Burger, Auto;

2. New series of COMBO Mining pool: Helmet-BNB Mining Pool and Burger mining pool;

3. Optimization of User Interface and User Experience with cute and delicate design;

4. Improved Metric and Dimension of data analytics: users could check the data of our platform on the homepage quickly and easily.

Market Milestones:

  1. HELMET got listed on Blockfolio, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker;

2.Helmet Youtube Channel online here;

3. Members of Helmet Telegroup hit 5300;

4.Twitter followers hit 12.9k, with over 2 million Tweet impressions and 1 million Profile visits.


  1. Helmet trading volume has hit record high with over $8,000,000 volume. ( still keep the leading echeloning on trading volume wise)
  2. Until Feb. 26th 0:00 SGT, Helmet has launched 106 kinds of policy and 1,260,360 Long Token have been minted on-chain, meaning that 1,260,360 insurance policies have been traded on www.helmet.insure
  3. We have witnessed $11,993,900 worth of Denominated Asset (BNB account for 40%) of policy suppliers pledged in Helmet smart contracts.
  4. Sharp spike in active Token holders addresses (10,252 active addresses currently from BSCscan)


1.Flash Mining Campaign with Certik ($100,000 worth of CTK Policy), BNB500($450,000 worth of BNB Policy), AutoFarm ($100,000 worth of AUTO Policy);

2. COMBO Mining Campaign with Burgerswap, witnessing $450000 worth of policy mining and $60,000 worth of HELMET &BURGER rewards;

3. COMBO Mining Campaign with FOR would come in this week.


1.We are working on the ground-breaking multi-rewards Mining Pool with our partners of HELMET-BNB LP, bringing more benefits for our users and healthy liquidity for Helmet;

2. HELMET governance system is on its way (before the end of March). Helmet team is developing the v1.5 of the whole system, in which the HELMET Pool would get entitled to more function and power. Besides, Bonus& Governance enablement of Helmet Pool would bring more competency to Helmet.insure;

3. Considering the expired policy’s reusing, we decided to launch a new tab of BURNING to kindle the recycling system of policy;

4. We are in the process (20%) of developing an unprecedented kind of policy — lending insurance with a pro lending platform. We believe that it will say hello to all helmeters in the second quarter. Such product would hedge the risk of all the lenders and borrowers and even change the Defi.

There is no luck. There is only work.

You need to believe that something extraordinary is possible. Please keep supporting us. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!



Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.

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Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.