Helmet DAO + Voting APR + NFT Fiat Access

3 min readNov 1, 2021

Hello, Helmeters!!!⛑

In the past 3 quarters, we have done relatively great job and unquestionably boost the whole BSC ecosystem. We will continue to work around the clock so that we can keep rapidly scaling on multi-chain.

Thank you to our wonderful community that has made all of this possible.💪

Main metrics:

· Launch the first P2P Options protocols on BSC and Polygon network.

· Partner with 23 prestigious and game-changing projects.

· Gained Binance investment and Polygon Grant

· 35k TG members and 67k Twitter followers

· New functionaries of IIO, Gacha game-Pixel Puzzle and IBO.

· Flash mining, options/insurance mining and insurance airdrop campaigns

Helmet is positioning itself as a long-term infrastructure platform that benefits projects and blockchain ecosystems, making the Options protocol a profitable mining and entertainment system.👏


As our tokenomics, there would be 50,000,000 HELMET in circulation to make the whole market flow healthily.

In order to benefit Defiers by using the Helmet protocol, we’ve been thinking about how to make it more accessible and secure. We have plenty of new ideas in the pipeline already.

As for what’s new? Helmeters, please read the content below, as it not only represents the future of Helmet’s product logic, but also we hope that you will understand this matter and give more advice or comments to Helmet team and use your Helmet token to take part in the future of the protocol.

Helmet DAO

Helmet DAO, or Helmet Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is an organization which lives, breathes, and thinks on a blockchain through smart contracts. It can allow group governance, incentive compatibility, and make decisions. Ultimately, Helmet DAO is a framework allowing for updated corporate, state, other organizations as well as incentives, which are fully automated and allow for new forms of collaboration and decision making in Helmet ecosystem.

DAO can drastically lowering the barrier for Helmeters to entry to community managing, and allowing for our large groups of aligned token holders with arbitrarily small quantities of tokens. Additionally, it is much faster and more efficient to reach the government functionality, allowing for all kind term of holdings.

Helmet team do not expect the situation where decisions are largely limited to board members and corporate executives. In a DAO structure, decisions can be made through information from all group members, with much more configuration flexibility. This flexibility and open participation will bring more information required to make better decisions, as well as more flexibility in what can be decided via collaborative processes.

DAO Details🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Briefly, Helmet DAO is a new functional tab based on voting system where holders could take part in VOTING, while the same time, there are some special functions there.

1)Dao Pool will become an independent staking pool where HELMET holders could vote by staking and locking to gain much more Farming reward than other mining pools. Basically, it will cause quite a stir since the voting pool rewards will far beyond your imagination.

2)The Dao Pool will open up the NFT mint and allow users to cast a “European Options NFT”, which will perform as the core asset of HELMET in 2022. This kind of NFT would contains staking and boosting function, as well as fiat trading functions (Directly buy NFT European Options through fiat, not stable coin like USDT).

3)DAO pool will match a new compound algorithm, similar to the recent heated stable coin algorithm, but more secure and allows you to double leverage your staking rewards while enjoy around the NFT.

4)Decisions can be made through voting protocols and get automatically implemented. To put it simply, a DAO is always on and with very little friction.

5)Through Helmet DAO, you will have access to a novel Game, Duck things for a little leak. You’ve seen a duck more or less in Helmet product, and yes, it’s going to play an essential role.

Helmeters who take part in HELMET VOTING POOL will get a special #NFT which will be essential in Helmet ecosystem. ⛑🐤

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Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.