Hello, Helmeters :)

We have seen day and night code checking, also price pump and dump, as well as ongoing updates. However, we believe that no matter how dramatic the end result, the good-to-great transformations never happened in one fell swoop. There was no single defining action, no grand program, no one killer innovation, no solitary lucky break, no wrenching revolution.

Good to great comes about by a cumulative process — step by step, action by action, decision by decision, turn by turn of the flywheel — that adds up to sustained and spectacular results.

Here are something that we want to tell you.

Milestones & Proven traction:

1.Our New Partners: Binance Chain Community, PancakeSwap, Certik, MathWalellt, Trust Wallet, SafePal, BitKeepWallet, TokenPocket, ONTOwallet, DappRadar, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko.

2. Helmet.insure launched 8 types of insurance including BTCB,ETH,CAKE and Helmet (cover 50% off & cover miss out) in the last week. We have witnessed 170,000 USDT worth of premium recorded, and 2,000,000 USDT Denominated Asset (BNB account for 20%) of policy suppliers pledged in Helmet smart contracts.

3.Cooperated with PancakeSwap to host an Insurance policy Airdrop campaign (CAKE LONG Token) with 100,000 pieces of policies.

4.Helmet trading volume has ranked №4 on PancakeSwap list with over $5,000,000 volume. ( still keep the leading echeloning on trading volume wise)

5. Sharp spike in Token holders addresses within 1 week ( start with 800 from IFO, 7633 addresses currently from BSCscan ) and the price of $Helmet quintupled in 1 week.

6.Members in Helmet Telegram group hit 2400, with 5,000+ messages rolling and 600+ active members per day. Besides, our Twitter followers expand to 6500+.

Product development:

Our CAKE Long Token campaign attracted more than 3,000 new users, giving Helmeters a taste of insurance policy. We feel that it’s the enablement to spread our protocols to more defiers, so that we decided to continue.

Here are some plans:

1. There will be a new type of CAKE insurance policy — HCCT (Helmet Cover CAKE Token), which will be minted through Long-Helmet LPT mining. It means that, if you hold LONG and Helmet then you can get the HCCT by yieldmining;

2. We will cooperate with Certik to launch a new mining pool, with details come later on our Medium;

3. We will launch the governance part in the next 2 weeks with rules of governance mining and voting; Update of insurance data page will be launched next month.

Information Transparency:

Vault Fund Planning

In the past 1 week, we have been through liquidity support, community rewards, Helmet policy creating campaign as well as yieldmining to achieve value preservation and increment. As we committed earlier in the last Medium story,we are here to make the Vault Fund using transparent. Details:

First of all, A $7.5 million Helmet is being gathered and the Vault address has been updated at gitbook.

1. To create Insurance policies on the smart contract factory, including policies jointly created by Helmet & partners as well as various types of Helmet insurance policies;

2. To support the mining liquidity of LONG tokens (by depositing Helmet to support it);

3. Maintain and increase the mining APY for the stable value preservation and increment. Plus other mining awards and other activities rewards;

4. Expand, build and support the Helmet global community, additionly, to support the global market enablement, product marketing campaign.

5. For Airdrop funds, available for events like new insurance products launching and some celebrating festivals;

6. To set up a Helmet investment fund, which will be used to support the high-quality assets on BSC that are willing to cooperate with Hemet.insure, and the investing benefits will be distributed to the community members of Helmet.

The Vault fund using will be transparent with weekly and monthly reports, and the Helmet team will never use it to make profit by selling tokens in the market.

The vault contract address has been updated on Gitbook of helmet.

Then, we wanna say,

We will leap forward, dive deeper, keep speeding up, and contribute to the long-run. There is no doubt that we still have a long way to go, but with you guys, this journey will definitely be fantastic.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who’s supported us so far! You guys are incredible.

Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.