Helmet Betting Rounds: Binance call

2 min readMar 10, 2021

HELMET holders and Helmet.insure users of the world!

🌟 Today, we are super happy to share our newest News🌟: Helmet.insure has received strategic investment from Binance. We will work closely with BSC community and Binance to provide a more competitive option & insurance protocol for cross-chain and on-chain trading.


First, we’ll walk you through the process, then we’ll leak some delicious alpha about the future plan of Helmet.insure.

Over the last two months, Helmet dev team deployed the contract on BSC, the number of Helmet insured assets has grown rapidly to 10 with over $13,000,000 (3,110,394 policies) denominated assets deposited into the policy factory contract. We believe that Helmet will witness whopping volume with more partners’ coming.

Getting Binance financial support is inseparable strong partnership with our friends in the DeFi world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partner PancakeSwap for providing whopping volume from the IFO support and giving strong backing to us. CertiK Foundation is our partner who entitle us enjoy a secure DeFi ecosystem; @Burgerswap, which actively expands hedging products for users; Additionally, we are incredibly lucky to be partner with MathWallet Official, which provides a gateway to BSC, the heated Yield Farming platform Autofarm.Network, and ForTube, DODO Breeder, Berry Data, which has a long-standing relationship.


Next, we are going to try some innovative parts to wall-to-wall protect every Defiers, including the policy with HELMET-priced and the Burning Box.

In addition, after receiving the investment, we will initiate a parallel plan with V1.5

1⃣️ Covering all mainstream assets on BSC through the smart contract wise, allowing users to easily use options to hedge the risk of price fluctuation with only 1 step;

2⃣️ Introduce diverse insurance products for other main-chain assets, including initial offering and insurance services, so that users can easily approach to more gem assets.

3⃣️ Work closely with BSC Community to provide more competitive liquidity trading solutions for NFT and other products by the option trading, breaking the start-crossed situation of gems.

Of course, we have other plans, which are listed on Gitbook’s To-Do List, and we will implement them with radar speed and the most innovative approach to make asset hedging an easy tool for the average trader.

⛑️⛑️⛑️ 🌛🌛🌛

Bon voyage, Helmet.insure.

Thanks for your C-Bet and you will get the Nuts when the River flopped.

Please c-support us, finger crossed.




Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.