$hAUTO is Coming

3 min readFeb 23, 2021

Hi, Helmeters !!! ⛑️ ⛑️ ⛑️

We are keeping focusing on Helmet enablement in earnest and making more defiers get close to this price risk-averse protocol by hosting loads of campaigns with our eco-partners. Helmet protection is wall-to-wall.

🎉🎉🎉 We have another strong PARTNER —

Autofarm is a leading cross-chain yield aggregator, currently sitting at 3rd place at a TVL of $1.5B in the entire BSC space.

So that Helmet&Autofarm combined to hold a Policy Mining Campaign — $hAUTO for all defiers!

⚠️Do not trade heavily on $hAUTO unless you are clear about the trading risk

⚠️As policy holding certification, there is an expiration date for the $hAUTO, but as token, it is alive forever.

If you have read all ⚠️ above, then let’s learn more about $hAUTO now!

What is $hAUTO?

AUTO cover miss out policy. (It performs more like a call option of AUTO)

In this policy, the ratio of AUTO & BNB is


It is the reasonable activate price, meaning that you could swap 42BNB+1$hAUTO to 1AUTO before the expire date.

For example, if $AUTO hit 50BNB, you could activate the policy and swap 42BNB + 1$hAUTO to 1 $AUTO on www.helmet.insure, and get 8BNB as profit.


⚠️ smart contract of hAUTO: 0xfeF73F4eeE23E78Ee14b6D2B6108359E8fbe6112

$hAUTO Flash Mining Start: Feb. 23rd 20:00 SGT

End: Mar.9th 24:00

Policy Expire date: Mar. 24th 24:00 SGT

We have used 100,000 HELMET as premium to support policy making, paying from Vault.

How to get $hAUTO?

From Flash Mining on https://app.helmet.insure/flashmining

Mining LPT: HELMET-BNB500 LPT for $hAUTO (What is BNB500)

Flash mining period :14 days.

You could provide liquidity in BNB500-HELMET pool on PancakeSwap (click here or you could find the ‘GET LPT’ button under the hAUTO Pool on our web). After getting the LP, you could stake it in $hAUTO pool on https://app.helmet.insure/flashmining to get hAUTO.

Besides, you could check the mining APY on this page.

How to check my $hAUTO?

After take part in hAUTO Mining Pool,

1.Check whether you have received a token named hAUTO in your wallet or not (bsc net).
helmet.insure — Tradingview— ‘Policy You Hold’ . Check whether there are corresponding pieces of policy available.
3. If you have hAUTO token in your wallet and corresponding information in ‘Policy You Hold’, congratulations, you have got ‘ cover miss out’ insurance of $AUTO.

When & how to activate $hAUTO


If AUTO hit 42BNB or pump over 42BNB, you could activate the policy

For example, if $AUTO hit 50BNB, you could activate the policy and swap 42BNB + 1$hAUTO to 1 $AUTO on www.helmet.insure, and get 8BNB as profit.


helmet.insure — Tradingview — ‘Policy You Hold’ . Check the corresponding pieces of hAUTO. Then you could click the button ‘activate’. Then you could swap 42BNB and 1 hAUTO for 1 AUTO.

What could we do if $hAUTO expired:

If it is not profitable to activate hAUTO before the expire date, the hAUTO would exist as a pure token which could be taken part in next policy mining campaign.




Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.