Details of IIO (Initial Insurance Offering)

At the end of March, we launched fresh new IIO tab. ⛑️⛑️⛑️ This new function will bring the enablement of HELMET token as well as positive effect on our ecosystem.

We know that Helmeters got loads of questions about IIO, including what exactly it is, how to participate, and the question that defo hovers around your mind: when the 1st IIO live!?

So, I will share with you the details of IIO soup to nuts in this article.

IIO, Initial Insurance Offering, is a fresh new token offering model through European option trading to distribute new token to investors. Simply, people who meet all requirements will be entitle to participate in the IIO, getting iToken which could be swapped to IIO token.

Such campaign could help new projects complete their launch, and make our users access to great assets on BSC.

⚠️ Let me start with the key points, which you’d better keep in mind:

HELMET-BNB LP Miners could get new tokens by activating iToken (new tokens share).

If you hold HELMET-BNB LP tokens, you need to pay for the IIO ticket to participate.

Tickets ($HELMET) from IIO participants raised will be burned forever.

The IIO project gets raising fund. burns HELMET Tickets. You get the tradable iTokens which could be activated/swapped to IIO Tokens.

How to participate in an IIO?

1.Please Get HELMET-BNB LPT before IIO Start, and FYI, we would public the timing in advance.

2.Spend Helmet paying the ticket, do not fret, the price would be reasonable.

3.Check the expected share and Mine iToken (iTokens are mined based on your LPT share)

4.Swap IIO Tokens by activating your iTokens

Btw, you could visit to find out the latest info about IFOs.

Entire procedures:

😊Before Sale:

1.Buy HELMET and BNB tokens;

2.Get HELMET-BNB LP tokens by adding HELMET and BNB liquidity;

😊During Sale:

1.While the sale is live, go to PAY for the IIO ticket;

2.Commit or add your HELMET-BNB LP tokens to start mining your iToken (IIO share);

😊After Sale:

When the sale is complete, you could GET the IIO token by activating your iToken ( you need to prepare enough basic token required like BUSD in your wallet to complete this swap)

Done! 👏👏👏👏

If you decide to acquire HELMET-BNB LP tokens before the IFO starts, you can stake them in the HELMET-BNB Farm to earn $CAKE & $HELMET 🍰 ⛑️rewards while waiting for the IIO.

⚠️While you are holding HELMET-BNB LP tokens you will be at risk of Impermanent Loss.

iToken distribution mechanism:

Basically, the more LPT you have in HELMET-BNB Pool, the more iToken you will get.

Users can subscribe as much or as little as they want to the IIO, and their final allocation of iToken will be based on the amount of LPT they hold as a percentage of all LPT put in by other users at the time the IIO ends.

If you have a very small amount of LP tokens compared to the total amount committed by others, your contribution may be such a small part of the total.​

Will I lose my HELMET-BNB LP for getting new IIO Token?

There will be no effect on your LPT in the pool, since Helmet team will only scan your LPT Share to calculate your iToken share.

Participants will mine iToken and swap them by BNB or BUSD to the IIO Tokens after the sale.

PLUS, in the period of IIO, you’ll also enjoy the HELMET-BNB LP Pool Dual-rewards.

Want to launch your own IIO?

Launch your project with, Binance Smart Chain’s most popular project, to bring your token directly to the most active and rapidly growing community on BSC.


When will the first IIO LIVE?

We have so far received 12 IIO applications with the support of BSC community and our partners. We are in discussions to work out details.


1. Ecologically cooperating with Helmet and creating new intersection on token wise;
2. The projects selected are supposed to be innovative instead of just forking thingy;
3. The economic model should be reasonable, at least with an organic growth pattern.

We totally understand that you are eagerly looking forward to new IIO. The first IIO will launch as soon as we confirm all the information above. But this all makes it worthwhile.

Thanks for your continue support!!! ⛑️





Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.

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Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.

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