Guidebook of $ CAKE LONG Token (Cover Miss Out Policy ) Airdrop
3 min readJan 19, 2021


If you are confused about the whole things, please check the words followed.

Policy Expire Date: Feb.15th 24:00 SGT

Firstly, this is not $CAKE, it is $CAKE insurance LONG token;

To be brief, if $CAKE hit over 0.03BNB ($1.5) before Feb.15th 24:00 SGT, you could activate your airdrop policy to claim benefits.

For example, if $CAKE hit 0.04BNB on Feb.10th, you could swap 1$CAKE with 1 LONG Token and 0.03BNB wBNB. Eventually, you could sell this $CAKE in the market and get 0.01BNB as extra benefit.

That is why we call it ‘COVER Miss out’. (the final settlement currency will be wBNB)

However, if $CAKE does not hit 0.03BNB, there will be no need for you to activate the Cover Miss Out policy. and the LONG Token will be a
souvenir for you.

what is LONG token?

It is an original creation of Short and Long token as the certification of selling or buying policy. Policy suppliers can use Short Token for mining and Policy holders can use Long token as proof to activate the policy. It is the certification showing that you have bought policy and it is necessary when you activate policy. ( Helmet team is not responsible for any LONG or SHORT token trading pair on any platform )

What are the rules of Airdrop?

We will take a snapshot of Helmet holders addresses (including LP providers 、Helmet x5 pool stakers and holders on MXC at Jan.19th 24:00 SGT). In 24h after that, 100,000 pieces of $CAKE insurance policy will be distributed in proportion to the number of Helmets holding (note: this is not $CAKE, it is CAKE insurance LONG token);

How to get Airdrop?

1.Keep helmets in your wallet before Jan.19th 24:00 SGT
2. If you are providing liquidity on PancakeSwap、Mining at Helmet x5 pool or transfered to MXC. Don’t worry. Keep it and we will track your information and airdrop policy based on the number of helmets you have .

What is the cover miss-out Policy Airdrop?

The Airdrop is like call insurance, which target to a sudden rise in case you miss it. We prefer to call it ‘ cover miss out ’ insurance. If you don’t have Cake, then you could use this insurance policy to enjoy gaining.

How to check my Airdrop?

1. Check whether you have received a token named LONG in your wallet or not.
2. Visit and check ‘Policy You Hold’ to see if there are corresponding pieces of policy available.
3. If you have LONG token in your wallet and corresponding information in ‘Policy You Hold’, congratulations, you have got ‘ cover miss out’ insurance of $Cake.

How and under what condition could I active the policy?

1. If $Cake is higher than $1.5 before Feb.15th 24:00 SGT, you can choose to active the insurance policy, otherwise do not.
2.On , the system robot will tip you that how many BNB you need to swap $Cake in activating the policy.
3. Prepare BNB slightly above the price in your wallet (if you don’t have BNB, you could buy it on Pancake), and then active your policy.



Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.