Be poised to the Mining Trilogy — Helmet&DODO 🐣 ⛑️
3 min readMar 15, 2021 and DODO DEX are top notch protocols. 🐤 ⛑️

-Word. 💗

🎉🎉🎉 We prepared $300,000 worth of DODO Policy Mining & $60,000 COMBO Mining for defiers.

It might take some time to digest the neo Mining Campaign, however, the rewards totally worth it. Let’s START!!!

🐤 ⛑️ 🐤 ⛑️ 🐤 ⛑️

What is hDODO?

hDODO is the call option of DODO.

Total Supply: 75,000 (22,000 for DODO Vip users, 40,000 for FLASH Mining, 10,000 for Burning BOX)
Reasonable strike price: 1 DODO= 10 HELMET
Expire date: Apr. 14th 24:00 SGT

⚠️ hDODO smart contract address: 0xfeD2e6A6105E48A781D0808E69460bd5bA32D3D3

Example: If you get 1 hDODO, you could swap 10 HELMET to 1 DODO by click the ‘activate’ button on TradingView Tab. To be specific, if DODO hit $21 and HELMET hit $2, you could get $1 profit by this ‘Activate’ behavior.

⚠️ If hDODO get expired, it could be a souvenir token

⚠️ Please do not trade heavily on hDODO.


Mining Trilogy 🎉🎉🎉

Step1: Burning BOX


This is the round 2 Burning Campaign. Mining at:

Burning Start: Mar. 15th 24:00 SGT

Burning supply: 10,000 hDODO

Burning period: 7 days

Fuel: hCTK ( What is hCTK? ⚠️ hCTK SC: 0x936909e72951A19a5e1d75A109B0D34f06f39838)

1⃣️ If you accompany Helmet for a long time and get familiar with our policy product, you could check whether you have hCTK in your wallet.

or check the TradingView tab to see whether there are hCTKs.

2⃣️ Burning is almost the same as mining process while the ‘principal’ got disappeared after 7 days. In other words, you could get hDODO reward daily and witness the hCTK fading meanwhile.

3⃣️ You could stake hCTK (the expired policy) in the BOX and hDODO would be minted depends on your box share ( total supply in the burning box is 10,000)

Step2: Flash Mining


Mining at:

Flash Mining supply: 40,000 hDODO

Period: from Mar.16th 12:00 SGT to Mar.31st 12:00 SGT

Mining tool: $hMATH-$HELMET LPT (What is hMATH? $hMATH contract address: 0xdD9b5801e8A38ef7A728A42492699521C6A7379b )


Step3: COMBO Mining


how to get DLP :

Direct link to get HELMET-hDODO DLP:

⚠️ ⚠️⚠️ OR, if you duck into liquidity tab, Plz identify OFFICIAL DLP address: 0x7F6ea24c10E32C8a5fd1c9b2C1239340671460cC

input this address into search bar to add $hDODO- $HELMET Liquidity

After get DLP, you could jump into COMBO Mining at:

1⃣️ COMBO Mining tool: $Helmet-$hDODO DLP (if you get $hDODO from Burning BOX and Flash Mining, you could click ‘get HELMET-hDODO DLP’ button under the POOL to get DLP on DODO DEX. Then, you could start mining dual-rewards)

2⃣️ COMBO Mining rewards: $60,000 Mining Bonus of $Helmet & $DODO !! ⛑️ 🐤

3⃣️ COMBO Mining period: 21days, from Mar.20th 0:00 SGT to Apr.7th 24:00 SGT




Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.