Airdrop + COMBO Mining for $Helmet & $Burger ⛑️🍔
2 min readFeb 8, 2021


🚩10k Twitterfam triggered another Bonus Campaign :)✅✅✅

Helmet have a new classy partner: BurgerSwap 🍔🍔🍔

They prepared a COMBO Rewards for ALL Helmet LP miners👏👏👏

🎉A total of $250,000 $hBurger will be given away to LPT Miners on (including Helmet-BNB, Helmet-LONG, Helmet-HCCT LPT Pool, PancakeSwap Helmet-BNB Farm)

🎉Groundbreaking design of Policy Mining for Real Token!!! $60,000 COMBO Mining Bonus of $Helmet & $Burger ⛑️🍔 BOOM!!!

⚠️ There will be no $hBurger minted by mining, since all of $hBurger will be given to LP Miners.

⚠️ If you do not have LPT, you need to join in LPT Mining Pool to get Airdrop in this event. (Helmet-BNB, Helmet-LONG, Helmet-HCCT LPT Pool , PancakeSwap Helmet-BNB FARM)

⚠️Airdrop rule: based on total LPT value you hold (real gradient method this time 👀)

⚠️There will be a little bit adjustment of APY in Helmet pool and Helmet-BNB pool because some Helmet will be minted in new mining pool.


1⃣️COMBO Mining Pool: $Helmet-$hBurger LPT Pool

2⃣️Mining period: From Feb.10th 0:00 SGT to March 6th 24:00 SGT (snapshot and Airdrop will be finished before that)

What is $hBurger?

It is $Burger cover miss out policy. The reasonable activate price: 1 $Burger=0.07 BNB.

For example, if $Burger hit 0.08 BNB, you could swap 0.07BNB+1$hBurger to 1 $Burger, and get 0.01BNB profit.

Expire date: March, 9th, 2021

How to use $hBurger?

1.You could activate them before expire date.

2. It could perform like ‘half a shovel’ to yieldmine $Helmet & $Burger. You could take part in COMBO Mining by adding $Helmet-$hBurger liquidity on PancakeSwap ( direct link will come later)



Helmet is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain), originated from option trading logic.